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Menubar Lyrics

MenuBar Lyrics

Feel annoyed for the lyrics window?

Menubar Lyrics makes full use of the screen, displaying the lyrics in the top Menu Bar of OS X.

Desktop Lyrics

A translucent desktop window provides dynamic lyrics display instantly.

Desktop Lyrics

Album Artwork Filler

Have you ever had a complicated feel of searching artworks?

Now you are able to complete the metadata of the music by only one click in DynamicLyrics.

Album Artwork Filler

Other features

DynamicLyrics can start and quit with iTunes, without more operations.

Automatically search LRC. With the help of the world biggest lyrics library :D

More features are coming

DynamicLyrics is a free and open-source software. We are very pleased to see that our software can help you make your life better. If you like DynamicLyrics, consider donating us to support the future development! Click here to make a donation.

Download 2.1.1320

Requires OS X 10.7+


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